What is the POST Study?


The POST study aims to determine how response to treatment for opioid use disorder differs based on genetics. We aim to see why some treatment options (for example, Methadone), might work for some patients, but not work as well for others. 

We are also interested in seeing if cannabis has any effect on treatment. 

Who can participate in this study?


You are able to participate in this study if you: 

  1.  Are 16 years of age or older

  2. Attend an addiction treatment centre for opioid use disorder.

Why should I participate in this study?


While there is no direct benefit to you, the information and results of this study may help prevent and manage opioids addiction in the future. 

Will I be paid to participate in this study?


There is no payment for participating in this study. You will be compensated with a gift card as a thank you for your participation.

I think I want to participate, what would I need to do if I choose to be a part of the study?


First, you can let us know you are interested in our study, and we will ask a few questions to make sure you are eligible to participate (you can find the link our email at the bottom of this page).  

Next, if you are eligible to participate, you will be contacted by a research assistant over the phone for a study visit. This visit should be approximately 30 minutes long. You will be asked about your health, socio-demographic information, treatment received and psychological wellbeing.

Finally, you will be asked to provide a saliva sample and a urine sample at your clinic. You will receive your gift card when you provide your sample. 

Are you interested and think you may be eligible to participate in this study?

To learn more about your possible participation, and to determine if you are eligible for one of our studies, please email us at the link below.


Please indicate the study you are interested in, and a member of our research team will help determine if the study is right for you!